Flowtron LE-800 Leaf-Eater Electric Leaf Shredder Review

Flowtron Leaf-Eater Mulcher

The Flowtron LE-800 Leaf-Eater Electric Leaf Shredder allows you to shred up to eight bags of leaves down into a single bag . This leaf shredder efficiently recycles yard waste into nutrient-rich mulch filled which can then be disposed of or converted into compost.  No need to worry about expensive gas and maintenance with traditional gas shredders, the Flowtron LE-800 runs off standard household electrical lines.

With the  Flowtron leaf mulcher, all you need to do is shred then spread
You can convert your yard into a beautiful landscape, and avoid all the sweat and hard work than normally comes along with it.  Reduce wet or dry waste such as leaves and grass without even breaking a sweat thanks in part to its extra large funnel which is 21 inches in diameter. The nutrient-rich mulch or compost that results from this process can then be reused directly in your flowers beds and  gardens. This tool makes creating a scenic yard a simple two step process, just shred and spread. This efficient two step process allows for fast cleanup and minimum waste. Simply feed the material into the hopper and let the leaf shredder do the work for you.

Shred leaves easily using the Flowtron LE-800 Shredder

The Flowtron leaf mulcher has a unique patented design paired with a strong reliable motor and double heavy duty cutting lines. It also sports a circuit breaker and reset feature to protect itself from overloads. This leaf shredder can easily handle wet or dry leaves, grass, pine needles, and even paper. Perhaps the best feature on this handy machine is that it offers the option for a range of shredding adjustments such as coarse to fine, up to 30x particle size reduction. These options are all accessible using a simple sliding control lever.

Easy to transport, the leaf shredder weighs in at only 16lbs and features a durable high density funnel with housing made from polyethylene. The shredder is supported by steel legs for a stable a and long lasting platform as well. Due to the light weight design of the Flowtron leaf shredder, you can even secure it on top of a trash container with your leaf bag inside for fast and efficient disposal.

One of the most burdensome aspects of products like this is the dreaded out of the box assembly, but this leaf shredder is extremely simple to assemble in just minutes; all that’s needed is a 3/8-inch nut driver along with a Phillips screwdriver. Because of the removable motor intake filter, maintenance on this machine is unbelievable simple, just remove and clean the filter when necessary.

The LE-800 comes standard with 36 heavy duty cutting lines and features a limited full year warranty.

The manufacturer of of the Flowtron leaf shredder, Armatron International, has been family owned since its beginning in 1920. Their roots started as manufacturing radios for automobile, however after over 50 years in that field, Armatron started gaining recognition due to its Flowtron division as a worldwide leader in various outdoor products. Presently, Flowtron designs, develops, and manufactures a special line of lawn and garden products which are sold by major retail stores in the USA and Canada, and even in foreign markets across the globe. The family owned business is very proud that all of their products are 100% made in the USA.

Our Rating: ★★★★☆ 

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  • Simple to assemble and use
  • Extra-large 21″ diameter funnel opening designed for easy loading
  • Funnel / hopper interface prevents material throwback
  • Full one bushel hopper capacity
  • Instantly adjustable particle size from 8 to 1 down to 30 to 1 reduction
  • Removable air filter
  • Includes 36 heavy-duty cutting lines for leaf shredding
  • Circuit breaker with reset button for overload protection
  • Lightweight and rugged hi-density resin funnel and housing for maintenance-free care
  • Full one year limited warranty
  • Made in the USA

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What users are saying

“…when I used the Leaf Eater for the first time I was instantly happy. We have 5 huge maple trees on the side of our house, and the piles of leaves each fall are always overwhelming. I put the leaf eater directly over a big garbage can and within the shortest time the can was full of chopped leaves that meanwhile have become the best compost…”
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“One of the best product I have bought in a long time.
Just right for my small yard and the tree branches and leave.
Price is good too,I am glad that I bought it on Amazon…”
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Recommended Accessories

Long heavy-gauge extension cord
The Coleman Cable 100-foot vinyl outdoor extension cord is a heavy-duty 12 gauge cord that is designed for outdoor use and will let you take your leaf shredder to where you need it most. It features a indicator light on the end and bright yellow vinyl jacket to ensure visibility and also resist abrasions, moisture, and exposure to sunlight.
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